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VENGEFUL LOVE is a dark and sinfully sexy romance in which Scarlett Heath, young, high-flying lawyer, pitches to work for a prospective BAZILLIONAIRE client, Mr. Gregory Ryans. Scarlett is reluctant to fall for a client but this man is devastatingly handsome, and powerful in the most arrogant, sexy-as-hell way. And he has his sights set on his new lawyer.

It doesn't take long for Scarlett to realise that there's more to Gregory than meets the eye. And more to his corporate acquisition. Gregory isn't just taking over a company. He's embarking on a hostile takeover and the consequences of Scarlett's involvement could be catastrophic.

Scarlett is forced to choose between right and wrong. The question is, can she walk away from the man she has unequivocally fallen for?

VENGEFUL LOVE: DECEPTION gets darker and hotter as Scarlett becomes deeply embedded in Gregory's sinister world. In VENGEFUL LOVE: BLACK DIAMONDS the extent of Gregory's twisted past is unveiled. A past so dark his shadows keep Gregory awake at night. Scarlett and Gregory are left fighting for their survival in love and life.

There's the background. Now, five things that might surprise you about the VENGEFUL LOVE series (shhh, it's a secret!).

(1) VENGEFUL LOVE was originally written as a sweet romance.

It seems crazy now to think VENGEFUL LOVE could have been anything other than a passionate, steamy romance, but it was. I had written and redrafted the book countless times before a friend of mine read the manuscript and started screaming at me to STOP FADING TO BLACK! She wanted to see behind the bedroom door. So, I saved a new draft of the book and damn did I have fun making VENGEFUL LOVE the red-hot trilogy it is today.

(2) It was never supposed to be a series.

I considered numerous possible endings to VENGEFUL LOVE. It wasn’t until I was in the final stage of a first draft that I decided exactly how the ending would go (no spoilers!). As soon as I made that decision, I realised VENGEFUL LOVE was far from over.

(3) Many moons ago, VENGEFUL LOVE was called SUITS.

I was around one-third of the way into the first draft of VENGEFUL LOVE when I realised that Suits wasn’t the right book title. First, I found Suits the American TV series (as in the delectable Harvey Specter). Then, I realised VENGEFUL LOVE was darker (and, later, sexier) than I'd originally planned, which wasn’t reflected in the title Suits. I renamed the book and, happily, Harlequin didn't change any of the book titles post-acquisition.

(4) The trilogy was originally set in 2012, before the Shard had even opened.

I was living and working in London in 2012, sharing a two bed place by Tower Bridge with a fellow lawyer. The Shard was under construction at the time and I'd walk to work along the Thames staring up at it, wondering what kind of person could afford one of the £50 million pads in the top of London's tallest building. At some point my brain conjured up a hot mogul with a square jaw and a sexy South African twang. Mr. Gregory Ryans was born. But the books weren’t published until 2016, so I was advised by my editor to bring them up to date. This meant losing references like fresh paint in Gregory’s apartment, and certain elements of the law had to be amended.

(5) Until almost the end of the first draft of VENGEFUL LOVE, Sandy (Scarlett's stand-in mum) was a much older lady.

When I decided she'd have a more pivotal role in the series, I went back and switched Sandy into her early forties. Cue her hunky-dunky, Jackson (Gregory’s personal trainer-cum-driver-cum-bodyguard).

I hope you agree that VENGEFUL LOVE is better for these edits. Sometimes change is a good thing!


He's a devastatingly handsome, filthy-rich CEO. She's a high-flying London lawyer. All it takes is one boardroom pitch. One hostile takeover. Vengeful Love is darkly suspenseful, sinfully sexy white-collar romance at its very best. I've always walked the straight and narrow—following the rules, never straying from my chosen path. Until Mr. Sexy Bazillionaire CEO Gregory Ryans walked into my life. It was only supposed to be business, but one brush of his wicked lips against my skin changed everything. I can't deny what this man inspires in me. I'll do anything he asks…even help destroy the enemies from his past. But he's hiding more than he's telling me. When our love leads to tragedy, there's no going back. Gregory's past is trying to kill our future. They say love can bring a person to their knees. I've just proven that vengeful love is the strongest force of all. Book 1 of Vengeful Love Amazon US: amzn.to/1Tle3O3 Amazon UK: amzn.to/1M2lfqT Barnes & Noble: bit.ly/1pd17Nm BAM: bit.ly/1YGoPOH Kobo: bit.ly/21mwLnN iBooks: apple.co/1WeIGD2 GooglePlay: bit.ly/1RceZxQ Available in ebook, paperback and audio.

Praise for the Vengeful Love series

"I missed a deadline because I couldn't rip myself away from this immense tale of passion, angst and corruption." - Jodi Ellen Malpas, #1 New York Times bestselling author of This Man and One Night.

"If you love a great alpha male, then Gregory Ryans in the Vengeful Love series is going to rock your world! An intensely passionate and addictive series. I highly recommend it." - Alice Raine, author of The Darkness Within Him.

"[A] fast-paced, scorching romance that moves from boardroom to bedroom, to the darker corners of desire and retribution." - Book Page.

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