• Laura Carter

Birthdays Vs. Publication Days. And A Huge Thank You!

Let me start this post by telling you that I am an absolute dream for the marketing profession. If there's an excuse to celebrate, eat cake and drink champagne, count me in!

I adore Valentine's Day. I'm all in for Easter weekend. I make my birthday last for at least a week. I drag out the birthdays of people I love. Halloween? Yep, let's make graveyard cakes. Christmas and New Year, well, let's call that a celebratory month. But do you know what I love perhaps more than all those things? PUBLICATION DAY!!!

With the release of VENGEFUL LOVE: BLACK DIAMONDS on Monday, I found myself wondering whether I prefer birthdays or publication days. Here's why I love publication days so much.

1 - After weeks, months even, of teasing you readers, authors finally get to give you what you've been waiting for, a new story.

2 - There is, at last, something to show for the hard work of everyone involved in a book release. From agents and editors to marketing, art and PR, a book release is a huge joint effort.

3 - The selfless support of people in the book world who do it because they love books as much as you.

4 - The love shown by friends and family who want to help you enjoy your big day.

5 - Hearing from readers and reviewers who share your love of the book. There really is no better feeling than knowing you enjoy my stories and characters. But the reviews are also incredibly important to authors, whether they're on sites like Amazon and Goodreads, or on your own blogs and social media. They help spread the word better than anything else and I know I don't only speak for myself when I say authors are truly, immensely grateful to everyone who takes the time to read and review our books.

6 - (Kind of 5(b)) Reviews keep coming days and weeks after publication, which makes the celebration last much longer than one day.

7 - With series, like VENGEFUL LOVE, the final publication day means you get to see all your babies together! So sweet!

8 - Champagne. Cake. Cocktails. Chocolate. Dinners.

9 - Champagne. Cake. Cocktails. Chocolate. Dinners.

10 - Champagne. Cake. Cocktails. Chocolate. Dinners.

So, I hear you saying, yes, Laura, but you can have week long celebrations, champagne and cake for birthdays too.

I guess that means the best thing about publication days is you...readers, reviewers, family and friends. THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH for your support, yet again, for the release of VENGEFUL LOVE: BLACK DIAMONDS. You are amazing and I am more grateful to you than I can express in words.

Lovels and huggles,

Laura xxxxxxxx

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