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Advance review copies of PLAYING TO WIN have been released into the big wide world, so now seems the right time for me to give you a little insight into this novel.

PLAYING TO WIN is the second standalone novel in the BRITS IN MANHATTAN series. It is a feel good rom-com with laugh out loud moments and a little kick to get the heart pumping.

Brooks is a single father and a gym owner. He came from nothing, knocked up his girlfriend at sixteen, and somehow forged a life for himself as a gym owner in Manhattan. Izzy couldn't be more different. She comes from money and her only motivation in life is to tick off her mother.

I can't tell you how much I enjoyed creating Brooks and Izzy and watching their story unfold. Brooks is unlike any hero I have written to date. He is far from perfect and completely unexpected. He surprised me, made me laugh, made me cry and took my breath away. Izzy is directionless, annoying and the perfect person to turn Brooks's world upside down.

I hope you enjoy reading this story as much as I enjoyed writing it.

Expect Brooks and Izzy to stay with you for a long time after 'the end'.

Thank you for taking the time to read. If you enjoy PLAYING TO WIN, be sure to check out BALANCING THE SCALES and HEDGING HIS BETS, the first and third standalone novels in the series. You'll find the characters you love and many more within the pages.

All my very best, LC x

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20 February 2018

"Brooks Adams is unlike any hero I have written." - Laura Carter

A high-intensity personal trainer The secret to Brooks’ success as a Manhattan gym owner? Being motivated to disprove everyone who doubted him long ago. He’s not about to let a perky newcomer like Izzy tarnish his reputation. Even if watching her lead a salsa class on his premises is fuel for some very unprofessional fantasies . . .

His beautiful British rival Every time Izzy slams Brooks in her fitness blog, her book sales soar. But when their escalating media feud forces them to be up-close-and-personal for two weeks, she realizes there’s much more to Brooks than that incredible body.

And a competition that’s got their hearts racing… Soon Izzy and Brooks are finding all kinds of creative ways to work up a sweat. A passionate workout is easy, but can their rivalry give way to a lasting partnership?

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